Page about using ming for building a player for visualization of network simulation tracefiles. Done in 2002. Project finished and stopped 2003.

NS-2 Wireless Traceview

NS Wireless Traceview

release traceview-0.4.2.tar.gz

I have new ideas to speed up significantly the search on the webbackend and how to adjust the timeresolution like nam can do. I expect even packetflows then can be viewed with traceview.

The only you need is a Webbrowser with Flash6-plugin. (no annoying Java, no annoying Javascript, no annoying Cookies activated needed) (Flash5 plugin ok too, only the painting of lines for routes and neighbors not working, because traceview use Flash6 drawing API.) You can also use Flash6 Standalone Player (e.g. for Linux as you can see at the screenshots. Be sure to have the version 6,0,0,79 or newer for Linux)

screenshot traceview tworay prop model screenshot 
traceview effects of propagation models


NS-2 Wireless Simulation Configurator (currently not setup on

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